When you have some time on your hands….

My family has some scientists (mad scientists – aren’t they all?) and entirely too many academicians so this is the kind of stuff we do for Thanksgiving Holiday. Some families talk, we play with our food. Good etiquette dictates that we not play with our food at the table – so keep this off this table.

This is not for office time. Please do not try this in your cube. But if you have to juice up your ipod and are without a wall socket, this may work for you. I’d suggest you simply find a wall socket . . . Keep it simple folks.

ANYONE who sends me a video of them playing the Thanksgiving meal music off the onion (needs to be video so I can see the onion, ipod and hear the music) gets the coaching session of his/her choice: resume review, business school assessment, career assessment or other as we determine best fits your needs.

Happy Thanksgiving! Go play with your food!

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