PokeyOs instead of Alcohol??

Can PokeyOs ice cream sandwiches save the day?

So sometimes it makes more sense to NOT have alcohol at your company function . . . Particularly if someone on your teamĀ is a recovering alcoholic or the party is mid-day and you actually want to get work done after the party. No one ever called me cool.

So what’s a company function without a treat that can knock you on your arse? Well, pretty dull. So try Ice Cream sandwiches instead. Take 2 super fresh cookies and a scoop of ice cream and voila! you have a decadent treat. Even the lactose intolerant can have the cookies so it ends up being a crowd pleaser and if you’re the boss, less likely to get you sued should someone veer off-road on the way home….

I got the idea to host our party with PokeyOs from a friend: Kate suggests PokeyOs. Since you probably don’t have one near you, check out the site and copy the concept. It’s super simple. For best results, find a local baker or order from PokeyOs online to get the cookies, ice cream in the feezer case at your grocer and you are all set. You’ll also save a bundle on the party expense versus the booze bash. Two fresh cookies, one scoop of ice cream, could it get any easier?

No alcohol-induced hanky-panky
NO DWI incidents
Super simple
Crowd Pleaser
Keeps folks productive

If consummed too quickly can cause ice cream headache . . .

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