Living in another country: Is it for me? What do I need to do? (pg. 1)

The travel bug hits most people at one point or another, and sometimes it just hits really hard. Traveling somewhere for 2 weeks isn’t enough, you want to live there! This is a step by step guide that will get you started on your way to making that move to living in another country.

First off, ask yourself why you want to live in another country. Visiting Greece for 2 weeks one summer may have been magical, but actually living there will be a completely different experience. Be aware that a vacation mindset is very different from our everyday mindset. Your mindset abroad will have to be even stronger.  You will be faced with challenges. Living in a different country requires an open mind, and it won’t be all roses and daisies. If you can accept this, your experience of living in another country will be truly memorable  and a sure way to learn more about yourself.

Questions to ask yourself before living in another country.

1. Where do I want to live?

2. Why do I want to live there?

It is important to take this step further than a blanket answer, for example, “because it’s fun”. What exactly are you looking to experience abroad? A new culture? Learn a new language? Getting back to your roots? Escaping the recession? In knowing what you want out of the experience, it provides you a strategy in getting there and enjoying it. This will be greatly helpful in maintaining positivity once you’re abroad facing challenges.

3. What are my goals in living abroad?

This question is an extension to why you want to be living in another country. After examining your motives, it is a good idea to list 5-10 goals you would like to accomplish while abroad. It can be something small as learning to cook a local dish to something larger like learning a new language. This will help give you purpose in your experience. At some point abroad, you will have a moment where you wonder – Why am I here???!!  and What am I doing??. This goal list can be a reminder to help you stay on course and to enjoy your experiences.

4. What will I be leaving behind when I move abroad?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. Do you have a pet? A boyfriend/girlfriend? A job you love? When you move abroad, you have to be willing to make sacrifices. (click below for next page)

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  1. I’ve often thought about the possibility of moving abroad. But I think I wouldn’t want to do so until my parents and my wife’s parents have passed. Also, I would be somewhat concerned about how my kids would feel about the move. Still, I am planning to spend a summer in a Spanish speaking country at some point. I want to do this to solidify Spanish speaking skills my family is working on mastering.

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