3 thoughts on “Job Interview Etiquette”

  1. I have a story anyway! This morning I went down to Newport Beach to meet with a gentleman who has a company with 100 employees. I gave a presentation for the Paradigm Group few weeks ago, and he was an angel investor slash potential venture capitalist.

    So I can’t drive down in my Jag because it’s broken, (electrical issue of course) so I’m renting a friend’s motorcycle on a per diem basis. I refuel half way down the 1 hour trip, and it’s 9:29. I made great time on the 405 South, a 6 lane freeway with carpool lane for motocycles, hybrids, and passenger cars of 2 people or more. So I THINK I’ll be early, but I divert my original directions to avoid a toll road because I don’t want to fumble through my dozen pockets or pay a toll.
    At 9:55 a.m. I finally am facing the Pacific Ocean, at a major t intersection, and pull over to check the navigation on my phone. It tells me to go south, when I should have gone north.
    I call him at 10:10 am, 5 miles SOUTH of the breakfast place. (Beautiful scenery, overlooking the cliffs) It’s not looking good from an etiquette standpoint, but insists on waiting, and I finally arrive with leather jacket, motorcycle helmet, bookbag, and blue suit!

    We ended up having a long chat about my projects. From Autism fundraising, to Sapling Liqueur, to Kevin Hogans web class, my 3 books, etc. He again was impressed with my potential and is mulling over hiring me. I sincerely apologized and he didn’t take my lateness personally. Wish me luck! Time will tell if I had enough charm to save the day… LOL! ~GREG

    Greg Dougall, Philanthropist-in-Training

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