Job Interview Etiquette – Part 3 of 3

Later that day – before you forget who you met and what you discussed, WRITE THANK YOU NOTES! Make them personal. If you had more than 5 words with someone, you want them to remember you AND to ADVOCATE for you. Demonstrating good job interview etiquette opens doors.

Yes, a hand written note is still the best idea. What? Your handwriting looks like chicken scratch. . . . hmmm, I hear ya. Mine does too. But when it comes to writing a note, nothing replaces the charm of a handwritten note. So slow it down and do your best to channel your handwriting instructor from days of yore. ummmm, Mrs. Easterling, mmmmmm.

Okay, so you’ve broken both wrists in a terrible football tailgating accident (true story!). Well then, use your word processor to crank out the notes. They will be doubly impressed with your good job interview etiquette.

Now what? Well, give the postal service a few days to deliver your notes (7-10 days). Then follow up with a BRIEF phone call to your original contact unless you’ve been asked to follow up with someone else. If you have been specifically told, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” then back off buddy, no phone calls. And when I say brief . . . no kidding, keep it to 7 minutes or less, UNLESS they reject you and are willing to give you feedback – then soak it in so you can improve.

What if it has been 3-4 weeks with no further word? Well, I’m afraid them’s the breaks kid. The firm may have moved on without the kindness of letting you know (bastards!) or they may be stringing you along. It is also possible they just have not made up their minds and too much is going on with running the business to make a decision right now. Be patient. Good job interview etiquette means being smooth, not panicy.

If it has been more than 2 weeks since last communications AND you were NOT given a specific time line for a decision, ONLY then should you call your point of contact again to follow up. If he/she does not return your call within 3 days, let it be. It’s like that crush in high school who spoke to you once but then ignored you the rest of the year…. Move on, move on.

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1 thought on “Job Interview Etiquette – Part 3 of 3”

  1. Hi Miss Mentor,

    indeed handwritten is best. Email is also excellent. the personal connection touch.

    I cannot believe the executives whom I granted an informational interview and gave time and great assistance to and I made a point of giving them my snail mail address and said, “So you can send me a thank you note,” and then nada.

    I’ll never help them again and if the referer ever asks, I’ll tell them. “He’s a clod.”

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert


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