Behind the scenes of being an entrepreneur

I recently interviewed April Braswell – Dating Expert and Online Dating Coach – as well as lost my IPOD. These may seem like 2 unrelated events, but with the loss of my IPOD I’ve been consequently listening to music less. I really do miss having a soundtrack to my life, but with less music blaring in my ears, my brain has made room for more thoughts. Substantial thoughts -thoughts that I had previously pushed to the back of my mind so I could blast more CSS in my ears and work out.

The main thought has been planting seeds.

Not the farming kind, but the figurative kind. Seeds that you plant today (mini-wealth building projects, acquiring new skills, building relationships with others, etc..) that will one day lead to bear fruit or not. In my interview with April, I aimed to pick the mind of an entrepreneur and see how she viewed herself as well her path to success. Her humble and warm nature made her easy to relate to, and she really showed that the word “CEO” or “President” are just words for people who’ve failed constantly but kept going.

She also emphasized the benefits of sowing many seeds. Plenty of seeds give you more chance of bearing more fruit, and like farming, not all seeds will turnout worth while. The ones that do will be the wealth builders, and the ones that don’t will be the learning experiences.

I love this philosophy, but applying it is a different thing. Her words definitely gave me some lingering thoughts. For instance, after I’ve chosen my “seeds” and planted them, how do I know when to keep going and when to see that the seed just won’t produce? I can be too persistent at times, but I guess that is part of the learning process.

I think I may just wait a bit longer to get a new IPOD. One because I am allowing myself a proper mourning  for my music. And two so that I can keep these thoughts growing and come up with a formula to success which will work for me. In the meantime, keep a look out for April’s interview and her advice on how to be an entrepreneur and her path to success – coming Tuesday, October 6th!

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  1. That should be an interesting interview…and bummer about the iPod. Planting lots of seeds is a good thing but try to avoid the danger of spreading yourself too thin or in over committing to one particular seed. Too many things can lead to a dilution of effort.

    Steve Chambers, Sale Trainer Speaker

  2. I struggle with knowing when to let go, too! And I don’t ever plant as many “seeds” as I should!

    Great post, can’t wait for the interview!!

  3. Hello Miss Mentor,

    How delightful. Thank you for the fabulous build. Up and yes it will be great.

    A mourning period for your ipod. Very proper indeed. And indeed as a lover of classical music, I collect play lists of classical music to play for my background music as well. Both there have been studies that demonstrate how listening to classical music and the octave patterns STIMULATES parts of our brain which we are not normally using in daily life. Like math skills. When I was a patron of the San Francisco Symphony with my Loge subscription, I had to always have a pen and some paper along with me in my evening bag because I would always find the music so stimulating for my creativity and ideas that I wanted to capture them and write them down rather than lose them. My play bills were always scrawled upon. (not much blank white space for note taking though).

    As for Jose’s comment. This is not about being a serial entrepreneur. It is each is a project under one giant umbrella. I find also with the shift in the economy that some markets are like a field which needs to rest this season. While another field moves into rotation now. The shift in the economy created some new needs or markets. I don’t need to start a whole new corp or business. Rather it is like, add another product line and discontinue the other one. For now. For this season. Those marvelous British gardens take years to develop. Not every plant will be glorious this year. However over time, the whole garden becomes glorious. Like a richly nuanced well-lived life.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

    • Excellent gardening metaphor. Farming, gardening, both great examples. It’s not serial, it’s in parallel?

      Behind the scenes seems so messy, like making sausage. Can it be done with poise?



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