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  1. I really need help with this, FEEDBACK HUGELY WELCOME!

    The following conversation took place this morning at my cubicle. M- is my (male) boss, and A is (female) me.

    M: Yadda yadda yadda workstuff.
    A: Yadda yadda workstuff; and hey, how was your weekend?
    M: Oh, sucked. My girlfriend just refused to go see the Simpsons movie with me.
    A: Haha, she doesn’t hate Simpsons, does she, coz that would be blasphemy.
    M: Oh, hey are you a fan? Do you want to go see it with me?
    A: Er, okay?
    M: Cool. Let’s make plans.


    (20 minutes later)
    M: So hey, A, you sure your husband won’t mind if we go see this movie together?
    A: Oh no! And he’d probably want to join us anyway.
    M: Nah, we should just go ourselves. Do you want to do this tonight?
    A: Er… no, I have plans tonight and tomorrow – maybe Wednesday after work?
    M: Sure. See ya!


    Is it just me, or was there something wrong with that conversation? Should I be trying to coerce my husband/other colleagues into joining us?

    You should also know I am
    (a) New to this job (1 month)
    (b) Clueless about workplace propriety, this being my first real job and all
    (c) Indian (which gives me no cultural context in these matters, HALP)


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