Cubicle Etiquette – Annoyingly loud

So the question FREQUENTLY comes up, “Is my cubicle mate trying to drive me crazy, or is it just me?”

Okay, so actually most people ask that more like this: “My cubicle neighbor is such an (insert explitive here). He cranks his music up and I can’t concetrate. Should I contact Human Resources?”

WHOA! NO, do not start by contacting HR. First that makes you look like you can’t handle your own business. Second, your fellow cube dweller is 90% of the time simply oblivious. By assuming the worst, you are mentally gearing up for battle. Fine, play world of warcraft at home, but keep your latent hostilities OUT of the office my friend.

I’m not going into the biology of why we tend to assume the worst – survival instincts kicking in, etc. – but suffice to say, you are not being chased by a saber-toothed tiger, so put down that spear. You need to get a good visual to aid you in your cubicle etiquette lessons.

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