Spelling Arrows

by Miss Mentor on September 19, 2011

It is easy to get caught up in your typing. It starts by reversing the h and the t in the. Spelling errors just happen. Then you start dropping a comma here and there. Next thing you know ur ritng n txt spk.

Organic MasculineAnd frankly, that’s just silliness.

I’m a bit more of a stickler when it comes to intended punctuation and spelling. A little structure adds to civility. A paragraph is much harder to read without structure. Decent spelling ensures I see your intended message.

Please fix the website – I understand your request (well, kind of understand…)

Please fox the website – what??

So let’s celebrate spell check and avoid those spelling arrows. What until you see the math whopper I found in Rite Aid . . . they need to hire a math teacher asap!



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Little Brown Handbook Tutorials

March 17, 2011

Every now and again we stumble on a website, video, resource, blog, or book, that’s so absolutely fabulous, we have to share it! Recently we discovered Aaron Fowler’s Little Brown Handbook tutorials online.  Definitely a useful way to test your knowledge and solidify your skills as a grammarian!  Click here to visit.

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February 8, 2011

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Tweeters Beware

August 21, 2010

What you know can indeed hurt you. Twitter has not only coined a new verb, to tweet (tweet, tweeting) and a new noun, Tweeter, one who tweets, but also created an environment for snoops to learn far more about you than you may ever want learned…. With the crazy popularity of Twitter and Facebook, private […]

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How Skinny is Too Skinny

August 17, 2010

This week’s question comes in from Texas. A reader feels picked on because of her weight . . . what is proper cubicle etiquette for dispatching inquiring minds when they get too personal? Read on, Any time we have conversations about the corporate health contests we have at work or any other fitness/weight related topics […]

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Is it Okay to Ignore a Staff Member?

August 11, 2010

Today’s question concerns office hierarchy. Is it okay to be rude? I am an Office Coordinator, (office manager), Technical staff memeber has a visitor from the outside in. Tech staff is going around making introductions and totally side steps me – do I have a right to feel upset and annoyed with him?  He made […]

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Office Etiquette – F-you

July 26, 2010

In this week’s grab bag we have a question about office etiquette and cursing from L.R. in Texas. She writes, There is a no cursing policy where I work.  However, people who I work with, specifically men, who are very comfortable working with me and they trust me as a coworker, use curse words during […]

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Sentence Correction – Spot the Problem

July 26, 2010

So a particular favorite student requested more practice with Sentence Correction as she works to master content for the GMAT. Since newspapers and magazine are happy to supply accidents and or bad grammar, I am happy to share. This gem comes from the Wall Street Journal in an article on the Khmer Rouge (July 26, […]

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