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  1. My boss is in his office all the time when he has phone calls; sometimes when I tell him who is on the line he wants to speak to that person and sometimes he doesn’t. I usually answer the phone as hi you have reached …………. then they ask if Mike is available. I say let me check, can I tell him who is calling. This sounds stupid to me. Is there a better way to word this?

  2. So glad you asked! I once had a boss who FLIPPED when he heard me ask who the caller was (seems crazy, right, hang with me) before asking if he was available….

    So here’s the deal, if you ask who the caller is before *figuring out* if Mike is available the caller may think he/she is being screened. Now, most folks don’t care. At least not much. But, if it happens enough, the seeming “slight” a caller feels, well it isn’t good.

    So, here’s my suggestion. Your boss needs to stop playing passive/aggressive with you regarding phone calls. If you can calmly explain to him that it would help if he could tell you when he will take calls and when he will not, that would be groovy. If he says he actually wants you to screen his calls, well, you are the employee and you are stuck doing that…. Consider employment elsewhere. But in the meantime, ask him if he can at least provide a list (updated weekly/monthly) of calls he wants screened.

    P.S. If your boss is in sales of any kind, he’s being an idiot. Ten times that if he is screening his boss. Get under someone else’s wing immediately!

  3. Hi, I grew up in the more formal Northeast. As YOUNG CHILDREN (I’m serious here), we were taught both to identify ourselves on the phone. And before asking about phone, we were to utter this phrase, “May I ask who is calling?” Which is polite. If THEY were so crass as not to say, their problem. It is so you may ANNOUNCE them to the person. “Miss Mentor is phoning for you. Are you available?” oh WOW, I’d love to talk with her, however, I’m booked. Not right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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