Personal Budget Day 3

Personal Budget Plan Action Items (keyterms): 1. Determine how much you are spending on your Necessities. What percent of your Gross Income? 2. Ask yourself, are there any spending habits you want to change so you can free up more $$ to start building wealth? Are there any expenses that can be changed NOW? In … Read more

So you have your budget — are you sticking to it?

OK, so you’ve calulated the percentages and numbers for your personal budget. It looks good. X amount will go to your 401K, long term neccessities, Y amount will go to that new car you’ve been wanting and intermediate neccesities, etc…, and put it all together and you’re on your way to wealth building in no … Read more

Total Personal Budget??? Totally. Day 2.

Personal Budget Plan Terms to Know: Necessities: this describes everything you need to live, including your taxes. Rent, utilities, debt payments, presents for Mother’s/Father’s/Kid Sister’s birthday, even your cable bill if you can not live without it. Think responsibly. You will pull this information from WBT #1 – the Budget. Don’t worry about one-off expenses, … Read more

Create a Budget – First Half

Create a Budget Be a Rockstar! ***Just joining us? See Create a Budget Page 1 Create a Budget, our worksheets! Side note: Also resist the temptation to say, “Oh, this won’t be an expense in the future. That was a one time deal….” While that may be true, don’t whittle until you have the complete … Read more

It’s office party time – Office Party Etiquette

Office Party Etiquette – because you really do need your job. Tempting though it is to tell your boss what a #*#B*ing bleep he is, that’s not the spirit of the season, and you probably want to have your job tomorrow . . . and the next day, particularly if you are planning to pay … Read more

How to Build Wealth – Stash your Cash

Okay, so you’ve learned the basics of getting your financial house (budget) in order – how much you want to spend each month on toys versus how much cash you want to stash, yes? Good. If not, START HERE, we’ll use the same terms so it helps if you know them and on Day 3 … Read more

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